Monday, February 27, 2017

The Blu Ett

Every morning I drive up University Boulevard to the local Denver bookstore where I work as the bookkeeper, and pass the apartment seen in the above photograph.  It is called The BluEtt, and looking it while waiting at the stoplight, I often wondered why.  I looked the place up on the internet, and it is spelled Bluette on their web page, which I personally feel is much different than The Blue Ett, which reminds me a lot of The Blue Angel, a 1930 movie starring Marlene Dietrich.  What I want to know is whether this building is from that same era, and is Marlene Dietrich the super?  

Sunday, February 26, 2017

But Is It REALLY Art?

I went to Final Friday at the Denver Art Museum (the DAM) Friday night, and was surprised that they featured a talk on wresting by the Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling Association. They also had a large television screen on the wall that featured an advertisement from the Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy, wanting you to sign up for wrestling lessons.  Probably more like acting lessons, but what do I know?  The speakers insisted that wresting was indeed an art form. Really?  I mean really?  I think that is stretching things.  Who will the DAM invite next, I wonder?

I got very bored very quickly with the wrestling talk and instead went to see the Buntport Theater presentation of Joan and Charlie, two actors who do a skit in the freight elevator while dressed as the figures in one of the museum's paintings. Is this art too?  Perhaps not, but they are funny.  They perform a different skit each month, and do it to promote the offerings of the Buntport Theater.  I am sometimes tempted to visit it, but I suspect they might want you to pay money to see their performances there, so forget it.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Final Friday February

Last night I went to the Denver Art Museum (the DAM) for Untitled Final Fridays, held the last Friday of each month (except November and December).  This time I was finally able to see the Mi Tierra exhibit, which took almost five months to install and features the work of Hispanic artists depicting their place in the American Southwest.  It was interesting to see and the art was good, although I'm not sure why it took five months to install.  The painting on the left is part of a series called Lupita by artist Ramiro Gomez, who lives and works  in West Hollywood.  Lupita is a janitor at the Denver Art Museum, and Ramiro features her in an effort to see people above and beyond their occupations.  I was expecting most of the artists to be from Denver, but many are from other parts of the western United States, as well as Mexico.  It is definitely worth a look.

It didn't take long to tour the Mi Tierra exhibit, and so I thought I would check out the photography exhibit in the North Building.  I pushed the elevator button for the 7th floor, but it didn't work.  Then I saw the sign that the 7th floor was temporarily closed.  What is it about the DAM closing entire floors? Will the 7th floor be closed for 5 months, too?  In any case, I went to the 6th floor instead and eventually wound up in the Pre-Colombian exhibit, where there was to be a "performance."  It turned out to be "slam poetry" reading, which I am not fond of, and so I toured the gallery instead and saw the earthenware female figure on the right, which was placed in a tomb as a substitute for human sacrifices and made between 1100 to 1400. Is it just me, or is this statue wearing goggles?  Did the museum have this thing authenticated before buying it?  In any case, in another part of the gallery were older objects from the Aztecs, and the sign said that the Aztecs had a daily human sacrifice to the Sun/War God to appease it, so the sun would rise the next day.  That does not sound nice to me.  It seems like they were as ruthless as the Spanish, which is saying something.  And so I learned something on this visit.  A first!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Equal Time Nostalgia

I posted a photograph of my father Nelson in the living room of my parent's condo in Stuart, Florida yesterday, and thought it only fair to post a photograph of my sister Susan and mother Mary taken years ago down in Stuart, too.  The above photograph was taken at the Pirate's Loft - a hotel, marina, and restaurant on an outlet of the Indian River in the town of Part Salerno.  I know I have used this photograph before, but at this point in my life, I don't care anymore.  I like it, and so it is worth posting twice.  Or maybe even three times.  It was summer and we had just finished having dinner and were taking a walk on the piers and looking at  the boats.  Was this the time my sister stole part of my crab cake right off my plate?  I can't remember, but no matter when it was, it was just plain wrong.  Plain wrong.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time For Nostalgia!

I am currently working a part-time job in the evenings and on weekends, and so have less time to take Blog photographs these days.  Therefore it helps that I have lots of old family photographs that I can draw on in a pinch.  I took the photograph on the left of my father Nelson probably back in the early 1980s on a visit to my parent's condo down in Stuart, Florida.  When my sister and I visited them, my father would get up in the mornings and make us all breakfast, while still wearing his pajamas.  It makes me smile to look at this photograph.  My sister and I still own the condo, and have tried to rent it - with mixed success - during the season to help pay the maintenance.  It looks very much like it did when my parents moved there back in 1976, which is probably why it is not all that popular a choice for the "snow birds" who flock down to Florida from January through March.  On the other hand, I like it just fine that way.  It is like coming home when I go down there.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dinner With Mark At The Three Lions

I had dinner with my friend Mark - who as regular blog readers know works at the University of Denver's Anderson Academic Commons (the library) - last night at the Three Lions, a soccer pub on Colfax Avenue, just down the street from the bookstore where I work.  Mark recently visited the UK and tells me the Three Lions is very much like the pubs in England, which does not surprise me.  I always expect the real deal on Colfax.  Spring break is just two weeks away at the University of Denver, my former employer, and Mark and his family will be off to Maui for a week's vacation.  As for me, working on Colfax is like a daily vacation.  What better entertainment can you ask for?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More East High Memories

I took the above photo of Denver's East High from the parking garage of the bookstore where I work as the bookkeeper, just before heading to my part-time job.  East High is south of City Park, which is one of Denver's oldest.  The City Park Esplanade, which is also seen in the photograph above, connects the park to Colfax, just across the street from the bookstore, which makes for a nice green space along what is otherwise a sometimes gritty urban corridor.  When I first moved to Denver, this was the location of The People's Fair, an annual festival that takes every June.  It was later moved to Civic Center Park, right across the street from the state capitol building, but still straddling Colfax.  And why did it move?  Too many people at The People's Fair, I suspect.