Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Pick List Conundrum

I was sent several photographs from my grocery store co-worker Barb of her and another co-worker, Marty, wearing yellow rain slickers and soaked to the gills, taken after making grocery deliveries to customers in the parking lot on a particularly rainy night.  Marty says they look like drowned rats.  I personally feel they look like extras in the Italian opera Pagliacci, but that's just me.  I was just dying to post it, but the grocery store I work at part-time frowns on photographs taken at the store and then posted on social media.  Corporations have no sense of humor these days. Since I will be leaving that job June 30th, it wouldn't effect me, but I was worried about Marty and Barb getting into trouble..  I have vivid memories of the grief a previous employer gave me over my Blog.  In any case, I decided to not post the photo, and to just use still another self-portrait of me instead. Bummer.

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