Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Shout Out To Donovan!

I ran into my old University of Denver Bookstore colleague Barry and his wife Mary at the local Denver grocery store where I work part-time the other night.  We caught up on what we have been doing as I packed their groceries into shopping bags.  Barry mentioned that Donovan, who left the DU Bookstore to become head of computer sales at the Auraria Bookstore (which serves the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University, and the Community College of Denver) had been laid off.  He evidently moved up the ladder at the university, and soon after he was hired, his department was eliminated.  I know I tend to whine a bit about the treatment of the DU Bookstore employees by the University of Denver when we were outsourced, but I guess many if not most universities are just the same - trying to cut costs and eliminate staff to increase revenue.  It seems a shame universities feel they have to operate the same way a major corporation does, but when the Board of Trustees are made up of business executives, what can you expect?  In any case, I took the above photograph of Donovan and Tristy, the DU Bookstore's former Director, back when we still all worked there.  Donovan is wearing his "interview" suit, and I believe this was one of the rare times when Tristy was not wearing makeup.  Good luck Donovan.

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