Friday, June 2, 2017

The June Dog Of The Month

I am wasting no time in featuring June's dog of the month, which was tied up in front of the grocery store where I work the other night as I was leaving the store.  If I was going to own a dog, it would be either be a golden lab like the one in the photograph above, or a beagle like Irma, the dog I had when I was a child.  In any case, you can see some of the flowers the store has been selling in the background.  A week or so ago the temperature dropped below freezing and they had to take all of the plants indoors for the evening. Tables of them were placed in the aisles, in the Starbucks seating area, and everywhere else.  It was like having to walk through the Brazilian jungle to pick up a can of peas.  Kind of fun, but store management was not pleased

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