Sunday, June 4, 2017

Plug-In Art

There was a time when art that you plugged into the wall was considered low brow.  I remember walking down Milwaukee Avenue on the near northwest side of Chicago many years ago and looking into the window of a shop with a plug-in objet d'art and later describing it to fellow workers at the Walden Books where I worked at the time.  They all laughed about it.  And now these days it is all the rage, with an entire exhibit dedicated to that form of expression a few years ago at the Denver Art Museum.  I was thinking about all this when I took the above photograph at an art gallery during Denver's Santa Fe Arts District First Friday Art Walk last week.  And I must say, I still have a bit of a prejudice against plug-in art.  And no, I did not buy one of the above pieces.  Hell, I won't even buy art that I like.

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