Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Mummy Returns! To Colfax!

The City of Denver is building a new recreation center at the northeast corner of Colfax and Josephine, just a block away from the local bookstore where I work as the bookkeeper.  As I was walking past the construction site, I couldn't help but notice that a large poster advertising the movie The Mummy has been placed on the construction barrier along Colfax.Avenue.  Just what "the longest, wicked street in America" needs - an infestation of mummies.  When all those damn zombie movies and television shows become popular, Denver was soon overrun with zombies.  They even have their own day every October.  Now, in addition to zombies, we will probably be seeing all kinds of mummies running up and down Colfax, inspired by that new Tom Cruise film.  Perfect.  We already have street people using the bathroom at the bookstore to shave and groom themselves.  Now we will have mummies in there re-wrapping themselves every day. Such is life in Denver.

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