Saturday, June 3, 2017

First Friday

Yesterday was the first Friday of June, and since I had the night off, I drove to Denver's Santa Fe Arts District after work for their First Friday Art Walk.  There were not a lot of people there yet, but it was still early, and so perhaps all the hipsters showed up after I left.  The first art gallery I hit was Metropolitan State University's Center for Visual Art (seen in the photo on the left), where they had on display a juried printmaking exhibition.  A lot of the prints were very good, especially the ones that incorporated photographs into their design.  I even ran across two prints by my old University of Denver Bookstore co-worker Carol, which were also quite nice.  Carol is now working as an artist full time, as is Joe, another DU Bookstore alumni.  Check out their websites at and

Speaking of photographs, there is a gallery (painted yellow) in the alley behind the east side of 9th and Santa Fe that features different photographers each month, usually displaying photographs of exotic locales.  They have a man playing a guitar out front (see photograph at right) to let you know it is an art gallery and welcomes visitors, as opposed to, for example, a crack house.  The photographs are always pretty good, the artist is always on hand to talk about his or her work, and they seem to have a lot of free food available.  My kind of place, but I don't know the name of the gallery because I always enter through the alley, and there is no sign outside.  I should have checked to see if they had any brochures available, but didn't.  My bad, as they say.  However, anyone wandering around the neighborhood will eventually run across it, as I did.  Are those enough directions for you?  I thought so.

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