Monday, June 5, 2017

The Denver Skyline

I have never been too impressed with Denver's skyline, even today, when there seems to be a construction crane on every block downtown.  I am especially not impressed by the view of the skyline from the Santa Fe Arts District, where I took the above photograph.  Denver is, after all, a medium sized city, and so it is unfair to compare it to cities like Chicago, San Francisco, or New York, but I don't care.  However, I did see a really great photograph of the city on a postcard once.  It was taken just after sunrise from City Park, showing the city skyline against the mountains.  It was really spectacular, and I have always wanted to replicate it.  However, it would require getting up before dawn, and since I am currently working four nights a week at my part-time grocery store job, in addition to my full-time job as a bookkeeper at a local Denver bookstore, taking that shot in the near future is not going to happen.  I will just add that goal to my "bucket list, " along with flying to Mars and back.  It will happen

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